Find people with
similar interests

Cliques is a mobile app that allows users to connect with people that have similar interests. With Cliques, users can make the connections they want, whether it be friendship, dating, networking, or anything in between. Cliques allows users to make the meaningful connections they desire, alone as a solo, or they can pair their accounts and become a duo.

How it works?

You will fall into one of two categories on Cliques, a Solo or a Duo. If you’re searching for potential matches alone you’re a Solo. Want to search for potential matches with your friend or partner? Then you’re part of a Duo. No matter what category you fall into, you’re able to find and match with other Solos and Duos.

Why Choose Cliques?

Multipurpose Use

Cliques isn’t just a dating app with a platonic feature. Cliques is an all in one app that can be used for dating, networking, finding friends, socializing, and anything else you can think of.

Not only a
Dating App

Find people for socializing, friendship, dating, networking, or anything in between

Search Based on Interests

Find people with interests that matter most to you

Solos and

Find potential matches alone or with a partner and connect in group chats

App Download

This app is available for your smart phone.

Cliques is the best app to connect with people that have similar interests as you. Whether it’s just one person, a pair of friends, or couples, Cliques is the app for you.

Awsome Interface


See below for screenshots of Cliques and some of it’s features.

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