Friends, Dates, Double Dates - Life's a Buffet, Choose Your Cliques Plate

Let’s face it, the “single” vs. “in a relationship” checkbox on dating apps feels… limiting, doesn’t it? Like cramming your whole, vibrant personality into a tidy little box. Here at Cliques, we believe your social life deserves more than just two options. That’s why we’re throwing those boxes out the window and welcoming you with open arms (and open minds!).

We call it the “Solos & Duos” approach, and it’s all about celebrating the beautiful spectrum of human connection. Whether you’re a solo flyer seeking squad goals, a dynamic duo looking for double-date adventures, or somewhere in between (open relationships, anyone?), Cliques is your haven.

Here’s why we ditched the binary:

  • Not everyone wants the same thing. Some people are on breaks, some are happily single, and some are open to exploring all kinds of connections. Why force them into artificial categories?
  • Interests matter more than relationship status. Cliques is built around shared passions and hobbies. So whether you’re a rock-climbing enthusiast seeking buddies or a board game fanatic searching for fellow chess champions, you’ll find your tribe here.
  • Friendships are just as important as romance. Sometimes, all you need is a platonic adventure buddy to explore hidden cafes or conquer escape rooms. Cliques lets you build strong, meaningful friendships that aren’t overshadowed by the pressure of finding “the one.”
  • Double dates can be epic. Let’s be honest, double dates can be the ultimate wingman (or wingwoman) experience. Share laughs, stories, and maybe even a spark with another couple on Cliques.

And don’t forget, the “Duos” option isn’t just for romantic partners. It’s for besties, siblings, roommates – anyone who wants to explore the world together. We even have group chat features, so your whole squad can join the fun.

At Cliques, we believe in inclusivity and authenticity. We want you to feel comfortable showing up as your whole, wonderful self, no matter what your relationship status or social goals might be. So come on in, break free from the boxes, and let’s build some epic connections, together.

Ready to ditch the labels and find your clique? Download Cliques today and start exploring the possibilities!


P.S. We’re constantly adding new features and communities, so stay tuned for even more ways to connect and click.

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