2023: A Year of Gaming and Anime Glory!

Did you survive 2023’s epic explosion of gaming and anime greatness? From GTA 6 finally dropping a teaser to Attack on Titan leaving us in tears, this year was a wild ride for our fandoms. Let’s rewind and relive some of the highlights, shall we?


Gaming: Hype Levels Critical

  • GTA 6: Rockstar finally confirmed it! The world’s most anticipated sequel is on its way, and we’re already brainstorming heist crew names and outfit ideas.
  • Alan Wake 2: Remedy brought back our beloved writer with a sequel even darker and more atmospheric than the first. Did anyone else get chills from that trailer?
  • Elden Ring: FromSoftware delivered another masterpiece, sending us on an epic journey through a sprawling, open world filled with secrets and challenges. Who else is still trying to beat Malenia?
  • God of War: Ragnarok: 🪓 Kratos and Atreus returned to take on the Norse gods in a heart-wrenching journey that left us speechless. We’re still not over that ending!


Anime: Feels Trip Engaged

  • Attack on Titan Finale: Eren Yeager’s story finally concluded, leaving us with a bittersweet mix of emotions. We’ll never forget the impact this series had on the anime world.
  • Chainsaw Man: 🪚 The new hyper-violent anime everyone’s talking about arrived, bringing Denji and his chainsaw devil head to life in all their chaotic glory.
  • Cyberpunk: Edgerunners: This Netflix anime blew everyone away with its stunning visuals, cyberpunk aesthetic, and action-packed story. We’re officially obsessed with Lucy and David.
  • Studio Ghibli’s New Movie: The beloved animation studio released another masterpiece, How Do You Live?, reminding us why they’re the kings of heart-warming stories.


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